Game FAQs

Flying Fox creates play to earn and learn games, which is a new model where players can earn by playing their games. Flying Fox mobile game will allow players to collect Off-Chain coins and exchange them for valuable items. Flying Fox’s metaverse game, Flying Fox: Endangered World will use blockchain technology to allow gamers to earn On-Chain tokens through participation in their ingame ecosystem. Players can be profitable through using Fling Fox Token ($FFOX) to build up their avatar and assets within the metaverse game.
The Beta launch of Flying Fox’s mobile game will be released in H1 2022. The release of the metaverse game, Flying Fox: Endangered World is planned for H2 2022 for open testing.
While all players start off as a flying fox, they can eventually have new animals as their avatars. Each avatar in itself is an NFT and can be sold and traded between players. The game items also can be a form of NFT and are valued based on past prices or what players believe they are valued at. Players are able to show off their NFT collections and items through their home.
You will be able to play the games on mobile devices and on the computer.
The first stage of Flying Fox is free to play. However, the second stage of our game, the Metaverse, this will require players' to pay to play on the blockchain version. If you want to customise your avatar with rare accessories, buy another avatar and other in game features, then you’ll have the option to use the game's ecosystem currency, Flying Fox Token to purchase such items.
When playing the Flying Fox single player mobile game, you will not need a crypto wallet, however, in a community competition if you win a prize of Flying Fox Tokens, you will need a crypto wallet to receive the reward. For Flying Fox: Endangered World (Metaverse) a crypto wallet will also be required for the blockchain version of the game.
One of the main goals of Flying Fox is to create a gaming model based around financial benefits, this is to reward the most devoted and driven players. These DeFi features include: - NFTs in the form of game items. - Collateral on NFTs to raise funds. - Earning $FFOX and in game items. - Renting land and charging fees by landowners. - Staking $FFOX.


They are currently on Polygon (Matic), this is so that there are low gas fees.
Not at the moment, but we will have physical t-shirts with our existing NFTs on them and also other physical items.
You can choose from the early generations, but after this we plan for them to be randomly minted.
We plan to launch 3500 NFTs under a NFT Token Program, where holders of our first 3500 NFTs will be air dropped tokens for being valuable and early supporters. We then plan to launch more NFTs as part of the game.
The future minting price is planned at 0.03 ETH.
Follow our Discord, Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date.
Yes, only for 48 hours. Speak to our admins on our social media pages for this request.
Very Important Bats which consists of a group of Flying Fox’s NFT holders.

Token FAQs

Overtime as the game grows, there will be a decentralised governance ecosystem known as the Flying Fox Council. This will consist of holders of $FFOX who are able to join the council and vote on the game’s future development.
$FFOX is a utility token. The plan of the developers is to ensure that those holding $FFOX will be able to use this within the metaverse game, Flying Fox:Endangered World. Token holders may benefit from Flying Fox’s planned buyback and burn system.
Not necessary, though there will be allocated tokens in the future if you hold an NFT of the first 3500.
Planned to be in the 1st half of 2022, subject to everything running smoothly.